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Japanese Translation


【The Best Japanese Translation App for Japanese Learning Users. Over 1 million downloads in Japan!】【Translation Japanese into 33 languages / 33 languages into Japanese】For its high translation quality, this service has been popular in Japan for more than 15 years.
[Features]1- Fast & Accurate Japanese Translation2- Easy to Copy, Clip and Share3- Android Wear & Tablet Support
-----------1- Fast & Accurate Japanese Translation *You can keep on translating. *You can edit the traslated text directly. *You can refresh all texts by one tap. *"Re-translation" shows the quality of the translation.
2- Easy to Copy, Clip and Share *You can copy texts to your clipboard from "share" icon by one tap. *You can save texts to "Clip". You can search your Clip. *You can share the translated texts from "share" icon with Facebook, Evernote, messenger, etc.
3- Android Wear & Tablet Support Support *Android Wear & Tablet display size support. *If you speak to Android Wear in Japanese with this App, it will translate into English.-----------
Multilingual support!*****English, Chinese (simplified Chinese character and traditional Chinese writing), Korean, French, German, Italian. Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Indonesian, Ukrainian , Urdu, Estonian, Dutch, Swedish, Slovakian, Slovenian, Thai, Czechoslovak, Turkish, Hungarian, Hindi, Finnish, Bulgarian, Viet-Namese, Hebrew, Persia language, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian and Romanian language*****

*This application uses translation engines authorized by KODENSHA , and Microsoft Translator API authorized by Microsoft.